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March 2008

Rating: 8 out of 10


Instead of a straight ahead rock assault the album offers up a mixture of styles from pop/rock, and alternative to rock mixed with club beats and scratching.


Never Broken has a raw edge to it that drives home the points found in the songs. A lot of the songs deal with feeling like the world is trying to push you down and control you whether it be from other people are someone that you’re in a relationship with. It talks about the need to be strong in the person you are, take control of your life, and don't let others run you down.

My favorite tracks on Never Broken are up-tempo rockers, like "FaithHonestyTrust", that are filled with booming guitar and drum beats.


With Never Broken Aisha has opened a door that hopefully many more artists will walk through!

April 2008


I like Aisha Raine’s voice; it reminds me of Evanescence’s Amy Lee, only a little deeper and richer…


...If I had to choose a favorite, I think it would be "D.O.G.". It is the track with the most emotion on an album that, as a whole, is not lacking from an emotional standpoint...


...Raine’s vocals are chilling and sinister—a sound that works well with the heavier music. "Losing Grip" is another example of a song I liked—it's kind of industrial, like Linkin Park, and showcases the darkness of her vocals.



Beyond Race Magazine

May 2008


The music is good – industrial and hard rock songs that sound like something a modern rock band like Linkin Park would produce…


The lyrics are emotional and the band is hot…


“FaithHonestyTrust,” is a standout track that sounds like a potential radio hit…


Anyone who says “f**k you” to an industry that is still trying to dictate who and what you should listen to is an artist to watch in my book.

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