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"Who I Am"


Striking out stereotypes and resisting societal pressure, singer/songwriter Aisha Raine shakes up the world of rock with her unique sounds and clever lyrics. The DC area native fends off criticism and ignores expectations in a genre where few black women venture. With her latest, Jus in Bello (2015), Aisha Raine continues to declare her anthem: “Black Chicks CAN Rock!”


Aisha Raine’s alt rock tracks rebel against conventional expectations for a black female artist. With her music Raine keeps to her inner veracity—a style that embraces a sharp edge, hard truths, and a more-than-once broken heart. “I’ve always tried to do what’s right by me and not what someone else says is right,” says Raine. “With rock, I found a way to truly express my emotions and bare my soul.”


Aisha Raine’s latest album, Jus in Bello, (Latin for “laws of war”) contains alt/rock and pop/rock tracks representing an array of emotions. Ranging from the industrial instrumental sounds of "Requiro", to the mind crazed "Gallimaufry", jilted lover call out tracks "Liar" and "Crutch", self-strength and motivational “Break” and “Mirror Mask”, and one about the agony of yearning for a "Forbidden" love. Jus in Bello embodies the evolution of my music,” Aisha says. “I’ve learned, evolved, and become more connected to who I am and how I craft songs. There is a lot of emotion behind every lyric and every song echoes from a past life experiences.”


Jus in Bello showcases Aisha’s growth, yet keeps close to her original formula—sharp edge, hard truths, self-empowerment and strength, frustration and despair. According to Aisha, the songs on this album “dig deeper and continue to focus on what I know and what listeners can connect to.”


Aisha Raine’s fervently concocted sound, blended with edgy and powerful lyrics, creates a sound palette with different shades of rock. Her version of alt/rock ranges from nu-metal to pop/rock, pushing on hard rock, and fused with the modern rock flare, the songs are open windows looking into her soul. “My number one goal is to connect with others who have been through similar pain and let them know they aren’t alone,” says Raine.


Never straying from her way—sometimes edgy and aggressive, yet always honest—given the chance, Aisha Raine will assist in altering the minds of music lovers worldwide.  She continues to prove “Black Chicks CAN Rock” and hopes to aide in dissolving stereotypes and establishing that music truly is colorblind.


Influences (to name a few): Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, Nine Inch Nails, Evanescence, Mute Math, Sevendust, P!nk, Katy Perry, Daughtry, Default, Fefe Dobson 


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